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Introduction to the Racecourses


The pure English breed was bred from three Arabian Studs: Arabian Darley, Arabian Godolphin and Byerly Turk. They were taken to England from the Middle East of the Mediterranean in the Century XVII. These horses were bred with natuve horses which were far stronger, achieving horses that could carry a certain weight and a great speed for distance.
Since then they have converted to these new breed for racing.



The most beautiful animal, have an aerodynamic body, with thin extremities , head delicate and distinguished from straight profile, its physicist is associated with a great personality, but its character is very sensitive, so its needs very good deal from its birth, being the females specially docile.
The PSI (Pura Sangre Inglés), have a slightly major appeal of 1.63 cm. Its head is thin with eyes that demonstrate its intelligence, separated well to both sides.
The structure of the PSI does that its is an ideal athlete, Capable of crossing 6 meters in a stride, achieving speeds until 60 km per hour. Its posterior legs act as wharves, which they stimulates with great force towards ahead whereas the front legs "pull" them.



Horse racing is one of the oldest sports, as appeared in the Ancient Greek Olympic games.
Races can be of a short distance of 900-1.400 metres. Average distance and long distance (stayers).

Horses that race better on dry grounds and others do better on muddy grounds.
There are 5 races with intervals of half an hour after each race.

Order on how to enjoy a day at the races :

  1. Viewing Arena: Allows you to get a closer look on each horse and observe how they are prepared with their saddles and blankets containing number of each horse. So you can identify each horse.
  2. Paddock Area: Next to viewing arena. Horses and paced. So the public can make a closer contact of each horse and their appearance in which they will be racing.
  3. The programme of the races can be obtained in the area and will contain all the details you need to know about each horse. Name of horse, the jockey, the trainer, position they came in last race and distance of race, etc. This will make placing a bet on the horse you choose, that could be a winner easier.
  4. The race begins: the horses leaves their boxes. The excitement begins...
  5. The winner: the winning horse will be parade round the winning area. Don't miss this moment.
    Congratulations if you hold the winning bet, if not enjoy the race and this victory
Races at Hipódromo Costa del Sol de Mijas


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